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The Run the Race Club






Mission Statement

The purpose of The Run the Race Club is to provide programs that promote the personal and education achievement of young people living in poor, inner-city areas. It is founded on the Judeo-Christian principles that loving, personal, committed attention is still the best “program” around when it comes to helping others. Our mission is to love the children and their families and to establish friendship and relationships with them and to offer them resources and activities to promote their personal and educational development.


The Run the Race Club (RTR), established in 2005, is located in inner city Columbus – just a few short miles from our parish – at 880 South Wayne Avenue. It is an after school, pre-school, and Center School program for children and youth in grades pre-school – 12. RTR provides a safe and loving atmosphere where children can go to play, learn, and study. In the summer, “Racers” have an opportunity to work and play at The Farm.


The Run the Race Club

RTR is staffed by volunteers with a strong Judeo-Christian background. We believe the best way to influence children and young adults is through consistent, loving, and individual attention. A healthy snack and meal is provided during each visit, ensuring that at least 50 children a day are not going to bed hungry. RTR provides daily scripture lessons from the Bible. During each visit to the club, youth and adults discuss how the scripture can impact their attitude and behavior in daily life. Daily activities include:


reading     * music     *     crafts     *     board games

tutoring in academic subjects

sports including:

basketball     * soccer     *     softball     *     football

woodwork & bicycle repair shop


Helping Families

All families experience months when unexpected expenses can seem overwhelming. In low income families when someone is sick and needs to go to the doctor, the car needs a repair, or someone loses a job, these experiences can be overwhelming. To help during these difficult times, RTR provides clothing, food, furniture, appliances, toys, and more to families in this community. All activities and services are provided free of charge for the children and their families.


Brian Muha Foundation


RTR was started by the Brian Muha Foundation, and is a 501c3 charitable organization (all donations are deductible as allowed by law). The Foundation memorializes Brian Muha, a student at Franciscan University in Steubenville, who was killed by a random act of violence. The foundation honors his kind and charitable spirit by helping others who are in need. The Brian Muha Foundation does not receive government funds nor is it an agency of a church.



In all our work we will remember that the boys and girls we serve will come first. We are here for them. We place great value on the dignity and worth of each individual person. Each individual, even the most disadvantaged in society, has the right and obligation to achieve his/her human and spiritual potential.

We will focus on building the strength and character of our youth so they are of service to their family, community, and society. This is accomplished through role modeling and personal attention to youth regarding their attitude, behavior, questions, and concerns.



Our goal is to focus on the children, on their potential, and helping them develop that potential. RTR’s primary goal is to have a RTR Club Center open every day, ready to help the children develop morally and intellectually, acquiring the virtues and attitudes needed for ever-lasting happiness. We welcome young people of all ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds.



Hebrews 12:1-2








Rachel Muha – Mercy
Unwrapped, Part 1

Rachel Muha – Mercy
Unwrapped, Part 2


Summertime 2016

The Farm   The FARM

**Visit The Run the Race Club vegetable stand **

Westgate Farmers Market (1st and 3rd Saturdays)


How You Can Help

– volunteer to work with the children

Tutor/teach – homework, library, art, dance, music

Provide life lessons – manners, grooming, health, nutrition/diet, exercise

Coach teams – basketball, soccer, baseball, football, your sport!

Share – speak about careers (for example, police – crime and safety; fire – safety & inspection of homes)

Handyman & maintenance services – minor repairs, painting

Cooking – give a cooking lesson, discuss food preparation, share decorating (host a monthly birthday party!); serve during meals

Community resources – connect to RTR


TREASURE (501c3 non-profit charitable organization)

Contribute non-perishable items to the food bank at RTR

Host snacks or a daily dinner provided for the children

Donate clean clothing for children and parents

Donate furniture and other home supplies

Donate cleaning supplies, bleach, wipes

Donate paper products – toilet paper, Kleenex, paper towels

Donate sample size personal care items (business travelers – collect and share!)

Provide opportunities for the children to experience theater, sporting events, museums, educational field trips

Host a retreat  – an opportunity for children of the parish to be with “Racers”; they especially enjoy Eucharistic Adoration and Mass

Provide financial support to RTR (501c3 non-profit charitable organization)

Provide scholarships for students to attend private schools (501c3 non-profit charitable organization)


PRAY – for the health, safety, and well-being of the children, their families, Rachel Muha, her staff, and all the volunteers



To volunteer or donate online through PayPal, please visit


The Run the Race Club

874 Helenhurst Court

Westerville, Ohio 43081

[email protected]


The Run the Race Club Center

880 S. Wayne Ave.
(corner of S. Wayne & Eakin Rd.)

Columbus, Ohio 43204

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